101 airborne combat patch
Gary N. Graham
Graham arrived at Fort Campbell, KY in 1967 and was assigned to Weapons Platoon.
He went with
A Company to Vietnam, December 1967.
We received word that Gary is no longer with us.
My brother was wounded in Vietnam and discharged on November 12, 1970.  
My brother was never the same after the war.  
In fact, he was on 100% disability until he died.  
He died of lung cancer on October 8, 2000 at the age of 53.  
He was a great guy and I will always miss him.

Comments by Linda Graham, Graham's sister
I would like to hear from anyone who served with my brother, Gary Graham, in Vietnam in 1968.
Linda Graham
Photos taken at Fort Campbell, KY. 1967
We called Gary " Lightning " for his laid-back, relaxed mannerisms and slow deliberate speech
Comment by Jack
Going home - Vietnam 1968