101 airborne combat patch
Michael Hale
Hale arrived in South Vietnam 1968 and was assigned to 1st Platoon.
His present where abouts is unknown.
The company was pulling guard duty at Firebase T-bone when S/Sgt Hale reported to the 1st
Platoon. The squad leaders were called up to the CP for a briefing and I meet Hale for the first
time and learned he was an “instant NCO” and a “cherry”.  It seemed that every time I looked at
Hale he was watching me.

I was sitting around a small fire smoking with the squad when they noticed Hale, down at the CP,
watching us. Someone asked if Hale smoked and wondered if he would want to join us. I said, I
did not know but I would go ask him. No one believed I would do it.

Hale and I became good friends. He later transferred to the recon platoon and I only saw him
once after that.

Years later,
Cobb told me all the new cherries in the platoon knew who we were.  They knew we
were the last originals still in the platoon. We had lived through some of the worst fighting in
Vietnam and they wanted to learn from us.

Written by: Floyd