101 airborne combat patch
James Michael Holmes
Hostile fire had been exchanged for days at Firebase Tomahawk in the northern part
of South Vietnam. Alpha Company was trying to take a hill that would give them a
key position on a ridge line when they came under fire. PFC James Michael Holmes
was our point man, and he took a shot in the torso. He went into shock and he died.

I had seen hundreds of casualties and dead, but this was the first personal friend I
knew and lost, and I've lived with that memory for 33 years.

Dave "Doc Deuce":
Page 4
An email sent to Holmes' niece concerning the day he died.
Page 2
Photos - Holmes and buddies.
Read "Doc" DeSoucy's account of October 22, 1968.
Page 3
Two buddies meet after 33 years and discuss Holmes death.
Holmes arrived in Vietnam 1968 and was assigned to 1st Platoon.

PFC James Michael Holmes
Died: October 22, 1968 in Thua Thien, South Vietnam due to hostile fire.